Projects by Program Area

CQGRD conducts research, hosts conferences, offers courses, and publishes studies on a variety of topics within the five areas of concentration listed below.

Air Quality & Natural EnvironmentAir Quality & Natural Environment

CQGRD strives to preserve environmental quality and support sustainability by improving awareness of the economic benefits and community value of green infrastructure and promoting effective water management.

Community Design & ArchitectureCommunity Design & Architecture

CQGRD seeks to improve the design, operation, efficiency, and livability of neighborhoods, cities, and regions, by promoting awareness of good design, offering education opportunities, and developing sustainable design standards.

Healthy PlacesHealthy Places

CQGRD seeks to contribute to the understanding and development of healthy places by conducting research, disseminating innovative ideas on healthy places, and supporting the Healthy Places Research Group.

Land Development & Regional GovernanceLand Development & Regional Governance

CQGRD seeks to improve the land development process and the public policy that guides it by fostering public-private sector ventures that promote sustainable strategies for new development and redevelopment.

Transportation & Infrastructure

CQGRD seeks to develop innovative transportation infrastructure design that support quality growth and promote greater access for non-drivers.