Aerotropolis Atlanta Brownfield Redevelopment Health Impact Assessment

Research Projects

The Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development (CQGRD) will be conducting a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) on redevelopment plans for the site of the former Hapeville Ford Assembly Plant in Hapeville, GA. The assembly plant is to be redeveloped as "Aerotropolis Atlanta", with over 6.5 million square feet of office, hotel, shopping and airport parking facilities, as well as a solar energy component. The 122-acre site is bounded by I-75, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the new residential development of Asbury Park, and downtown Hapeville. The site was deemed a brownfield, and has undergone remediation for potential contaminants.

CQGRD has identified potential health impacts due to the redevelopment project. The project team seeks to work with Jacoby Development, community members, and local authorities to consider the project’s range of potential benefits and impacts on surrounding communities, and to offer a series of practical measures to maximize health benefits, potentially positioning the Aerotropolis as a catalyst for healthy, sustainable living.

Our objective is to conduct a comprehensive HIA on the brownfield remediation and redevelopment procedures with extensive stakeholder participation and technical assistance. The HIA will ensure the explicit consideration of the human health impacts of the proposed redevelopment project so that health costs are not unevenly distributed and all health promoting impacts are considered. Secondarily, it will increase the capacity for HIA practice through activities with community and research partners, and develop a prototypical approach for measuring and improving outcomes when brownfield sites resulting from the abandonment of large-scale industrial sites are redeveloped and reused. Additionally, the team will conduct training and technical assistance for project partners.


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