The Center works to advance its initiatives through collaboration with a wide range of university, government, and organizational partnerships. While many of these are project-specific, three are formal partnerships involving long-term efforts to build sustainable development and advance research of practical value. These partnerships include:

Healthy Places Research Group (HPRG) progresses a policy agenda that improves public health through the design of the built environment. HPRG invites any interested member of the public to become involved at its regular meetings.

NSF ADVANCE is a national campaign adopted at Georgia Tech to aid the career advancement of women in higher education. Catherine Ross leads the initiative for the College of Architecture and through her various roles on campus through providing resources and recognition for women.

Piedmont Alliance for Quality Growth formed in 2009 to focus policy efforts of mayors in the Piedmont-Atlantic Megaregion (PAM) at the scale of a megaregion. This alliance will provide the intellectual and support infrastructure for issues on water, transportation and energy to make the megaregion globally competitive.