HPRG: Aerotropolis HIA and Plan 2040 HIA


CQGRD presents the results of two Health Impact Assessment projects:

Health Impact Assessment of the Aerotropolis Atlanta Brownfield Redevelopment Project

CQGRD studied the potential health impacts of redevelopment plans for the former Ford Assembly Plant by the Atlanta airport, a project known as 'Aerotropolis Atlanta', with over 3 million square feet of office, hotel, shopping and airport parking facilities, as well as a solar energy component. CQGRD considered potential impacts on transportation environments, economic opportunities and services, community preservation and revitalization, and environmental exposures, as well as several overarching issues regarding management of the Aerotropolis project and the airport area. Site plans, local zoning codes, and local transportation plans were reviewed, as well as the use of Environmental Management Systems to create a sustainable remediation and operations strategy

Health Impact Assessment of the Atlanta Regional Plan 2040

CQGRD conducted a comprehensive HIA on Plan 2040, the long-term regional plan prepared by the Atlanta Regional Commission. Plan 2040 could address regional health issues associated with transportation and land use: air quality, active transportation, traffic safety, community development, and access to jobs, services, healthy foods and affordable housing. This HIA represents a unique attempt to integrate healthy places principles into the larger transportation and land use planning process.

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Friday, December 9, 2011
7:30 AM
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Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development, 760 Spring Street, Ste 213 Atlanta, GA 30308