Academic Courses

The Center's research foci are associated with the subject material studied in a wide range of courses at Georgia Tech. The courses below are taught by researchers and affiliates of the Center, and are offered the Georgia Tech School of City and Regional Planning and School of Architecture.

CoA 6120: Retrofitting Suburbia Study of suburban redevelopment trends, projects, and policies that improve environmental, social, and economic sustainability, with an emphasis on urban design strategies. Taught by Professor Ellen Dunham Jones.

CP 6016 - Growth Management Law  Study of legal framework of planning focusing on managing development to achieve desired outcomes for the economy, society, and the environment. Taught by Professor of the Practice Seth Weissman.

CP 6052 - Planning Studio  Analysis and preparation of alternatives for an existing neighborhood, community, or region. Emphasis on application of planning skills in a real-world situation. Taught by various City and Regional Planning and Architecture faculty.

CP 6105 - Land Conservation  This course considers the distinctive American view of land and history of the conservation movement, then discusses the why and how of modern land conservation. Taught by Associate Professor Bill Drummond.

CP 6213 – Urban Environmental Planning & Design  This course introduces students to the basic theoretical and analytical underpinnings of urban environmental planning and design. Taught by Associate Professor Brian Stone.

CP 6223 - Policy Tools-Environmental Management  The course covers the regulatory, market, and procedural tools used to manage the environment. It examines the strengths and weaknesses of alternative techniques. Taught by Associate Professor Michael Elliott.

CP 6233 - Sustainable Urban Development  Explores the principles and practice of sustainable urban development and the role of planning. Taught by Professor Catherine Ross.

CP 6331 - Land Use & Transportation  Overview of land use and transportation planning principles, how development impacts transportation, how transportation investments impact development patterns and air quality. Taught by Associate Professor Brian Stone.

CP 6760 – Negotiation & Conflict Management  Practical and theoretical instruction on techniques of negotiation and consensus building using training exercises and case studies. Emphasizes environmental, policy, planning, and development disputes. Taught by Associate Professor Michael Elliott.

CP 8873 – Ecological Urban Design engages the contemporary issues of urban ecology and its articulation to design in urban settings. Taught by Associate Professor Perry Yang.

CP 8883-NB – Citizen Participation and Community Engagement This course seeks to build understanding about why planners undertake participation, how it can be best framed for success, and how best to carry it out. Taught by Associate Professor Nisha Botchwey.