About the Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development

The Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development (CQGRD), a research arm of Georgia Institute of Technology’s College of Architecture, was created to help society achieve a sustainable, equitable, superior quality of life through effective planning, policy, and design. As an applied research center, CQGRD develops analytic tools and solutions that communities can implement in order to foster quality growth and development, both within the Atlanta area and as a national and international model.

Quality growth is the creation of more livable, sustainable communities. It is materialized through built, natural, social, and economic environments, and realized through programs, policies and regulations, and through effective planning and analysis.

CQGRD brings together the expertise and necessary resources to innovate responsible and efficient solutions to achieve quality growth.  We work with others to create and promote a new vision and form for cities, suburbs, regions and megaregions.  The Center serves communities—particularly those in the Southeast United States—through research, education, and extensive outreach.